Consultant : Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Cheryl Gentry MD (Lond), Dip (Adv.Obstetric Ultrasound), FRCOG.

Our Services
From carefully selected locations, we offer quality private care for mother and baby.


Your Care
Is our priority. First class staff
and facilities ensure high quality
private care for mother and baby.


Your Aftercare
Is important. We'll offer a meeting 6 weeks after the big day, to make sure mother and baby are well.

Baby E

Gentry Maternity offers wholly private complete antenatal care. Ms. Cheryl Gentry is a registered NHS doctor with over a decade of experience in obstetrics and gynaecology, Gentry Maternity offers maternity services for your convenience with excellent private facilities. The service begins with a FREE 30 mins no obligation consultation at 22-25 Portman Close, Marylebone, London, W1H 6BS. Each stage is chosen with you at the centre of the decision, and expert advice every step of the way. 24-hours client contact to a consultant Gynaecologist and 3 reserved emergency slots every Saturday means that your consultant doctor is readily contactable. Why?

Simply because Gentry Maternity is: Committed to high quality private care for mother and baby.

Gentry Maternity is registered with Bupa insurance.

We provide:

Amniocentesis testing –  Caesarean section –  Complete maternity care –  Doctors consultations –  Emergency Obstetrics care –  Full treatment services –  London NHS hospital locations –  Post pregnancy care –  Private maternity care –  Scanning and Diagnostic –  Ultrasound and pre-natal advice and diagnosis.